Behind the seams

Jasbir Jamani is the driving force behind her eponymous label.  With an industry degree in Fashion Design and Marketing from American University in Dubai, she threw herself into the arena from the outset. She draws her influences from daily life, her city and her travels. New ideas play out in her designs based on new circumstances and the geographies she visits. While muses may vary, Jasbir’s design philosophy remains ardently consistent: women should move with a weightlessness and feel elegant. The way a garment falls, cascades and drapes is essential. Jazbyr’s creations are immaculately flattering to the female form without divulging more than needed.


The process behind each Jazbyr creation starts with the ghost of an idea. An inspiration, a moment in time. A pattern or print that catches the eye. The next step is realizing this idea in its rough essence on the sketching board. Once the contours of inspiration have been captured, the time-consuming legwork can commence.


Most of the time spent in creating an irresistible piece of timeless fashion lies in sourcing the right fabric and then ensuring that it drapes perfectly. The brand’s design philosophy calls for perfection in the fall of fabric, which means days are devoted to pinning and styling the fabric for it to fold and cascade exactly as the designer envisions. Finally, each creation is passed to a bank of master tailors who use needle and thread to formalize and complete the form and structure of each dress.


Each Jazbyr creation can be customized for individual clients upon request, so that every woman can enjoy a dress that fits her unique form and complements her perfectly.



Jazbyr accepts orders by request for sold-out inventory or pieces from older collections. If you’re in love with something that is no longer available, we will do our best to recreate it with the same materials. Please get in touch to order creations from our past collections.


In direct variance to the fluid effervescence of her Kaftan collection, Jasbir is the only steel-boned corset designer in the region. The collection is constructed to cinch on the inside and exude sheer luxe on the out. From brocades to silk, this collection is bespoke and dramatic.

Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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